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Ethiopian Sidamo

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Spicy kick, wine-like essence, clean with sweet aftertaste.

Recommended roast: City.

Ethiopian Sidamo
Posted Dec 21st 2022 by Robert Billups

I really like this coffee

Ethiopian Sidamo
Posted Nov 3rd 2022 by Bob Billups

Really good coffee

Ethiopian sidamo
Posted Dec 28th 2020 by Bruce wilson

Iz great

Posted Jul 22nd 2020 by Bruce wilson

The best

Ethiopian sidamo
Posted Jul 17th 2020 by Bruce wilson

Best cofee ever very smoorh not bitter 4 cups aday i realy love it

Ethiopian and Costa Rican coffee
Posted Dec 3rd 2019 by Sandy Barnes

I make my blend with Sumatra, Costa Rican and Ethiopian. It’s awesome!!

Ethiopian sidamo
Posted Oct 14th 2019 by Bruce wilson

Best tasting coffee ever

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Ethiopian Sidamo