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Ethiopian Yirga Cheffe

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 City Roast or French Roast, you can't go wrong with Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe. Make it one of your new favorites.

City-roasted: Bold and complex, fragrant with hint of berry undertone. A favorite for cold brewing.

French-roasted: Full-bodied, deeply aromatic, good acidity, complex with bittersweet spiciness and caramelized sugar, cocoa and black tea notes.

Recommended roast: City or French.

Ethiopia Yirga cheffe city roast
Posted Jul 27th 2023 by Michael

One of my favorites and my go-to for the past few years. It also makes an excellent cold brew.

Ethiopian yirga cheffee city roast
Posted May 29th 2023 by karley A saveland

My friend turned me on to Notorious coffee when he moved to Washington from North Carolina. I am obsessed and will continue to purchase.

Ethiopian Yirge Cheffe
Posted Jan 25th 2023 by Cam Smail

We were at the Farmers Market by AB Tech about 3 years ago and just wanted a cup of coffee. Notorious was there and just by happenstance we had this particular variety and were so impressed we took home a 1 pound bag (if memory serves). Realizing we had found the variety that had the deep flavor we crave we started buying it by the 5 pound bag- 2 bags at time! Just in case there were to be a shortage. Mind you that would only cover us for 2-3 months. We also are totally impressed with shipping and delivery promptness. Thank you Notorious Coffee Roasters!

Ethiopian Yerga City Roast
Posted Jun 24th 2022 by Norma Schafer

I’ve been buying this roast from Notorious Coffee for three years. It’s the BEST. I’ve been drinking whole bean roasted coffee, grinding my own since 1969. Now I use a burr grinder for optimum flavor.. I moved from NC to NM in 2021 and still get prompt shipments within three days after ordering. To save a little, I order five pounds at a time! Delicious coffee. Excellent t customer service. Thanks Jeff.

Posted Oct 12th 2021 by David H. Russell

This coffee has a great, unique flavor that is not overpowering. I am not really a connoisseur nor am I an expert, but I have to admit even I detect a hint of berries in this coffee's finish. Call me crazy. For me, this is a medium body coffee but it has a definitely full flavor, with that light finish. I would think it would go well in the afternoon and evening. It does not walk you out the door like you may need in the morning. It's good if you like to change things up a little now and then.

City Roast
Posted Oct 27th 2020 by Cindy

Smooth Great flavor Low acidity My favorite !

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