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New Orleans French Roast

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This popular French Roast blend brews into a full-bodied cup with smoky overtones and bittersweet notes, true to the New Orleans tradition.

New Orleans French Roast
Posted Apr 1st 2024 by Heather Davis

I love this coffee, and more so because I’m supporting a local business. I buy it from the Notorious Coffee website in 5 lb. bags (value pricing!) and pick it up at the Asheville City Market (no shipping!) from these wonderful people. The coffee is delicious, affordable and I feel good about the entire experience. Keep up the great work!

Review for NewOrleans french dark roast
Posted Nov 28th 2023 by Joe Marks

I have been ordering the NewOrleans french dark roast for 5 years. My wife and I love the deeply rich, smooth flavor. We love it so much that we grind beans and take this coffee with us when we travel.

Notorious New Orleans French Roast
Posted Nov 9th 2023 by Heather Davis

I just love this coffee. I grind the beans every morning and make it in a French Press. It really, really good, and I love that I can support a local business by buying it. Highly recommend this coffee and the wonderful people who bring it to us. We are lucky!

New Orleans French Roast
Posted Aug 15th 2023 by Phil

I love the smooth taste of the New Orleans French Roast. I have ordered twice online and both times my order has met my high expectations. Keep up the good work.

Great Roaster
Posted Jan 17th 2023 by Jeff Lindsay

Been looking for a local roasted bean to get away from the corporate beans. Love this blend. Quick delivery and great price.

New Orleans Blend French Roast
Posted Nov 3rd 2022 by Bob Billups

Very good coffee 1 of my favorites

New Orleans Blend French Roast
Posted Aug 3rd 2022 by Joyce Ossmann

Having tried coffee from all over the country, this is by far our favorite. It is full bodied without being bitter. A wonderful morning coffee to start the day.

Bold New Orleans
Posted Oct 12th 2021 by David H. Russell

Bold. This coffee makes a definite statement without being brash, or harsh. Deep flavor without being bitter as it cools in the cup. The beans were dark and "oily" (in a good way) when I broke open the bag, but they ground very cleanly and made a stand-up cup of coffee that could help tame the morning commute.

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New Orleans French Roast