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Kenya AA

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City-roasted: Sweet, balanced and rich with citrus and tropical fruit notes and a hint of caramel.
French-roasted: Sweet, rich dark chocolatey notes.

Recommended roast: City or French.

Kenya AA
Posted Jul 24th 2023 by Bob Billups

Great coffee beans gave some to my nephew he likes it too keep up the good work!!

Kenya AA
Posted Jun 19th 2023 by Bob Billups

Great coffee anyway you want to fix it: Drip, Pour Over or French Press. By far my favorite coffee ☕️!!

Kenya AA
Posted Apr 20th 2023 by Seth

Nice coffee. These beans are flavorful and had a nice even roast, consistent with other beans I've purchased from Notorious Coffee Roasting Co. Overall, the Kenya AA is a nice coffee that you can't go wrong with.

Kenya AA
Posted Apr 20th 2023 by karley saveland

My friend turned me on the this roasting company when he lived with me and I have been ordering every since. This coffee is one of my favorites and notorious coffee does a great job roasting it

Posted Jan 17th 2023 by Jeff Lindsay

The Kenya AA is tasty!

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